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people who watch me: i wonder what vincent is doing, he hasnt posted writing in a while...
Dan Howell: My Name Is [Dan]
Hi yes i still do art like this and also i can't believe it took me this long to figure out how to shadow and light things and put little dots in the background like its a space thing xoxo
   Anxiety did not want to get out of bed. No matter how much his brain told him everything he was doing wrong at the moment, he was far, far too tired to function.
   “Anxiety,” a voice mumbled, and Anxiety grimaced and turned away from the voice. “...Anxiety, get up, we... What’re we doing today?”
   “I don’t know,” Anxiety responded, equally tired. It was Prince talking to him, right?
   “But we have to work on the... Creative.” Yeah. It was Prince. Just an incredibly tired and worn out Prince. As was Anxiety. He felt as if he’d been asleep for years and still wasn’t rejuvenated with his usual bloodrush of anxiety-ridden energy. He thanked his lucky stars that Thomas would probably be ecstatic that he decided not to make an appearance that day.
   However, his wishes were denied, and he was pulled out of the bed and into Thomas’ room, as was Prince.
   “Anxiety,” Thomas began, “where have you been?” Anxiety rubbed his eyes, smearing his already-smeared eye circles.
   “I’ve been asleep,” he grumbled, “but you woke me.” Thomas looked to Prince.
   “What about you?” Prince had already gone back to sleep standing up, but at the mention of his name, he jolted back to reality.
   “What?” he said, shaking himself awake, though it didn’t work too well. “Did someone say... Uh...creativity?”
   “No,” Thomas said, and suddenly, he was practically jump-scared by Dad.
   “They’re sleepy, clearly,” he said with a comical laugh. “Probably staying up watching TV too late, huh?” Anxiety shot Dad a glare, and Dad’s comical attitude faltered slightly.
   “Look, Thomas, buddy,” Anxiety began, “I got to say. With all the stuff you’ve been running around doing, I haven’t gotten a break in a long while. So last night, I shared Prince’s room and I finally got to sleep.” Thomas raised an eyebrow and looked at Prince, who nodded tiredly.
   “You two...just slept and actually slept?” Thomas asked, and they both nodded.
   “Actually, I’d like to ask if we could go back to doing that?” Prince asked, politely but exhausted.
   “Actually, I really need you both, so no.” Anxiety groaned loudly, and Prince simply sighed and shrugged.
   “Thomas, you need a break,” another voice, which, this time, Thomas was expecting.
   “What?” he asked.
   “You’ve clearly exhausted their emotions,” Logic explained. “If you keep working them too hard, they’ll never function correctly.” Thomas was about to say something, but Logic interrupted him. “Thomas, hear me out, okay? Ready? Take a break.”
   “But, I just...,” Thomas began to argue, but it was usually pointless to argue with Logic himself. “I just had a lot of ideas to execute today, so...”
   “Well, they’re not on a time-constraint, are they?” Dad asked.
   “No, not really.”
   “So, give the two a break,” Logic suggested. “What with Anxiety’s bloodrush and Prince’s creativity, even if you got them to do something today, it wouldn’t last long. It’s not any sign of a problem, it just a sign of...overworking yourself.” Thomas shrugged.
   “I have been working a lot lately,” Thomas agreed. “I suppose’re right. I should take a break.” Prince smiled gratuitously, and Anxiety sighed.
   “Oh, thank you,” Anxiety said. “Can we go back to bed?” Thomas nodded, and both Anxiety and Prince sank back to Thomas’ mind, where they slept and relaxed themselves in order to catch up on their energy.
   “Thanks,” Thomas said to Logic.
   “Hey, any time,” Logic said, sinking back. Thomas looked around until he spotted Dad again.
   “Oh. You’re- I forgot you were here.” Dad held up a hand.
   “Hold on, ready? What’s green and flies through the sky?” Thomas sighed.
   “A super pickle-”
   “A super pickle!” Thomas nodded.
   “Okay, why don’t we get back to relaxing? You can write some jokes down.”
   “Yes, okay, bye!” And Thomas watched Dad sink back into his head.
   “I do deserve a break,” he said to himself. “We all do.”
Prinxiety: Goodnight - BONUS CHAPTER
Look, fluff. I'm a whiz at bonus chapters it seems xD xoxo
Hey, guys!
So, firstly, I just want to start off with how grateful I am that you guys are here reading and viewing. If it weren't for you guys, I might not write as much. I know that I write for myself, but it's come to the honest point that sometimes I really do write for you guys, which I think is great! I like having that purpose in life.
On the subject of you guys, it's been put to my attention that people think I should be famous. Okay, well, one person on Wattpad, but still! It's a huge deal for me because even just fame is so far ahead of my viewpoints of myself that it seems impossible.
I believe that I'm capable of being important to some people, that maybe I someone smile or feel today, or maybe I kept someone alive or brought people together. I could've introduced someone to something new, I could've taught someone something new or different. There are tons of positive things me or my work could've done that I believe are possibilities.
However, when it comes to fame, it's such a foreign concept to me. Fame feels overrated to me, or at least the word does. If I ever earn society's title of "famous," I guess I'd rather be called something else. I'd rather be called "an impact" or "something positive." I'd rather be making a difference or being a beacon than worrying about how much of the world knows who I am.
Fame is such a weird thing for me. I look at other artists and writers and even YouTubers like Markiplier, but it's like I don't see the word "famous" written over them. Even actors and bands I don't see as famous. I see a band or an actor or a YouTuber. I see that they have influence, and that they make changes. They are part of the reason some people are how they are, and how some people are how they're not.
So, I guess what I'm trying to say is that I think, in my own opinion, being called "famous" isn't as cool or important as being called "an impact on the world."
As long as I get to impact even one person positively, I'm okay with just that one person. Because at least their life is better than it was one story ago.
Anyways, guys, gals, and non-binary pals! Thanks for reading, loves! xoxo
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